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My Audio Cutter 1.2

Cut audio fragments accurately from lossy and lossless audio and video files
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My Audio Cutter offers an easy and accurate software solution to extract a fragment from an audio file and to extract audio streams from MP4, WMV, and ASF videos. All the most popular lossy and lossless audio formats are fully supported, and the program’s waveform-based interface makes the cutting process a really intuitive one.

This one-function utility has been designed to be of use for all types of users. Its simplicity is on par with its accuracy, which lets you select the start and end points down to the millisecond. Alternatively, you can select the start point only and then define with the same level of precision the length of the fragment you wish to cut. Another more visual and intuitive option is to drag your mouse along the area you wish to extract. The selected section will be marked in a different color, and the pointers will tell you the exact positions of the beginning and the end of the fragment. I missed the possibility of viewing the selected area only in order to zoom it in to fine-tune my selection, but regrettably, none of those features are available. As far as editing features go, My Audio Cutter merely lets you apply some fade in and out over the audio selected to smooth the start and end points of the resulting fragment.

When it comes to audio codecs, all the most popular lossy and lossless formats are well represented – from MP3, Ogg, and AAC to WAV, FLAC, and AIFF, you can cut nearly any audio file present on your drives using this tiny tool. Besides, you can use any MP4, WMV, or ASF video file for the input, and extract their audio stream in their entirety or just a fragment of it. Each of the audio codecs supported for the output comes with a series of profiles that will help you customize the quality of the resulting fragment in a snap.

The functionality offered by this tool is efficient and straightforward, but all of these commercial one-function software programs bring mixed feelings to me – the app is good and, despite its many limitations in terms of editing, effects, and filters, it delivers what it promises. The question is how worth it is it to pay for an audio cutting tool when you can have this same functionality as one of the many functions that a number of low-cost and even free audio editors offer?

Francisco Martínez
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  • Precise cutting points down to the millisecond
  • Waveform-based interface
  • Output profiles
  • Fade in and out options
  • Extracts audio from video files
  • Built-in player


  • No individual preview of the selected fragment
  • No zoom in/out feature
  • Limited functionality
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